Handbook - Fundraising

4.1 Fundraising

​​​​​​​Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team is a registered non-profit organization.  Our fees are subsidized by BC Gaming funds as well as fundraising activities.  Each swimmer in the Los Angeles-1984 level and above will be responsible to fundraise $150 per season.  A number of activities throughout the season will be available to meet this commitment.  At registration a $150 cheque is required for each swimmer to cover their fundraising commitment.  You may choose to do no fundraising and simply allow the cheque to be cashed on the preset date.  Or you may choose to utilize one or more of the fundraising options below to contribute towards your fundraising commitment.  If the amount you raise meets or exceeds your commitment your fundraising commitment cheque will be returned.

4.1 Fundraising

Various fundraisers are offered throughout the year in order for families to meet fundraising commitment. These fundraisers are posted for sign-up through our Events tab

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