Information for Billing and Payments


Fee Structure/Monthly Dues
Training fees to finance pool costs and coach salaries for the Nanaimo Riptides are based on an annual charge and take into account training breaks at Christmas and in the spring as well as statutory holidays.  The fee depends on the group level of your swimmer and increases as the amount of pool time and coaching time increase.  The annual fee may be paid in ten monthly payments for your convenience.

Olympic Way fees are based on a per session fee.  The fee depends on the group level of your swimmer.

Please visit Program Info , for current season fees for Olympic Way programs and Riptides monthly groups.  Fees are payable regardless of how many scheduled workouts your child is able to attend.  There are no make-up days offered. For medical absences of 2 weeks or more, a credit to the account can be requested with provision of a medical note to the office administrator .

As a non-profit group the club is unable to carry overdue accounts, so please keep your swimmers account up to date.

Swim BC Membership Fees
Upon NRST annual membership application each swimmer pays an annual insurance membership fee to Swim BC.  These are assessed annually by Swim BC and administered by the office manager.  A portion goes to Swim Natation Canada, the national governing body for our sport.  There are fixed fees for all Olympic Way participants and non competitive swimmers regardless of age.  The fees for competitive swimmers (those in groups Los Angeles - 1984 and above) are dependent on the age of the swimmer each season
SNC/Swim BC Annual Fee (age determined as of December 31, 2020)
8 & Under $97
9 & 10 $117
11 - 14 $163
15 & Over $205

Fundraiser & Family Volunteer Commitment Cheques
All members applying for our monthly Competive Groups (Los Angeles 1984 - Tokyo 2020) are required to provide a post-dated fundraiser commitment cheque of $150 (per swimmer) and a post-dated family volunteer commitment cheque of $250(per family). These cheques are post dated for June 30th, made payable to NRST and held in trust until the commitments are met. Membership application is not complete until full payment is made and commitment cheques are provided. 

Volunteer Terms & Conditions
Fundraiser Policy

Swim Meet Fees
When you enter your children in swim meets there are additional meet fees set by the hosting club and published in a meet package prior to the event.  The fees vary by meet and are billed to your swimmers account periodically throughout the season. Scratches from the meet must be made via writing to your coach before the hosted team's scratch deadline or fees will still be incurred on your account unless a medical note is provided.

Swimmer Accounts
Each swimmer (or family) has an individual account set up with the club in which fees and other expenses for that particular swimmer or family are recorded. YOUR ACCOUNTS MUST BE KEPT CURRENT.  

 ♦     Swimmers with accounts that are one month in arrears WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER INTO MEETS.
 ♦     Swimmers with accounts that are two months in arrears WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN WORKOUTS.
 ♦     Swimmers may return to both of these activities when their account balance is paid in full.
Using your secure account login within the NRST website you are able to print your own invoices for tax purposes.

**Note: We are unable to accept cash and/or cheques at this time. Please provide all payments via e-transfer or simply register your credit card online for recurring monthly payments

Please log into your account and click on $ Billing to view/print your invoices. For those families wishing to pay monthly via credit card/visa debit card, please securely enter your cc info under 'Payment Methods' in your online account. Payments will be processed to your registered card at the beginning of each swim month. **If wishing to pay via cash or cheque (payable to NRST), payment may be brought direct to our Riptides office located on pool deck across from the diving boards. If unattended, payment may be placed in our secure drop box located just outside the office window. This drop box is checked regularly and an email confirmation will be sent upon receipt

*NRST is also now able to accept e-transfers as a payment option. 

Here's the how to guide on how to make an e-transfer payment to us:

1) E-Transfer must be sent to email -
2) In comment box enter the swimmer's first and last name 
3) Security question : What is your favourite sport?
 4) Security question answer: swimming

Withdrawal policy

The Nanaimo Riptides Swim Team requires one (1) month notice in writing to the office manager in the event a swimmer leaves the program prior to the end of the season.

Please contact for all account inquiries

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