Why Choose
Olympic Way?

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 Olympic Way is an innovative learn-to-swim program developed and taught by expert instructors and coaches.




Unlike other programs, Olympic Way focuses on each swimmer’s unique needs and current developmental abilities. We recognize that children learn different skills at different rates. Rather than breaking skills into narrow bands and using a pass/fail approach, Olympic Way groups competencies into four main Learning Levels that let children learn individual skills at their own pace with continual reward and recognition. Where more rigid formats can lead to swimmers becoming discouraged or bored, our flexible, learner-centred approach means children are continuously motivated to improve their own individual performance.



The primary goal of Olympic Way is to develop excellent swimming skills and a true love of aquatic activities.  Children who are challenged, have fun and enjoy success in the water are more likely to become life-long swimmers. And that’s good for both individual swimmers and recreation facility operators alike. Our mission is to promote positive, active, healthy lifestyles through programs that encourage participation, fun and success!


What makes Olympic Way different?

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Fun and rewarding swimming experience based on a learner-centered developmentally appropriate approach


Early introduction of the four swimming strokes; getting kids to swim right from the start


Continuous improvement focusing on water safety, mastery and confidence in the pool


Constant advancement; kids don’t get stuck repeating already mastered skills


Continuous recognition of achievements rather than a pass/fail approach

How do I know which
Olympic Way level to register in?

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                Olympic Way

         Red Cross Swim Kids



 Level 1

 Level 1 & 2

 Level 2

 Level 3,4 & 5

 Level 3

 Level 6,7 & 8

 Swim Skills 1

 Level 9 & 10

If your child has taken lessons with another swim program, you can use the Olympic Way Lesson Conversion Chart to place your child into the appropriate stage.

Coaches will also assess children’s skill levels on the first day of lessons to determine the best class for your child.


When are Olympic Way lessons?

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We offer three sessions in our Olympic Way program each swim season - Fall, Winter and Spring

Each session runs 10 to 12 weeks in duration



Our Olympic Way lessons are
twice per week

40 minutes each for Stage 1
40 minutes each for Stage 2
45 minutes each for Stage 3



Olympic Way offers 15 different class times for greater flexibility

3:45pm, 4:45pm, 5:45pm