Nanaimo Riptides

Applicable to: Swim Skills 1 Swim Skills 2 Junior Island Junior Provincial Junior National Senior Island Senior Provincial Senior National

Withdrawal policy
Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team requires one (1) month's notice in writing to the office manager in the event a swimmer leaves the program prior to the end of the season.

SNC/Swim BC Annual Fee (age determined as of December 31, 2023)
8 & Under $103.50
9 & 10 $123.50
11 - 14 $165.50
15 & Over $207.50

Volunteer policy

At membership application, each family in the Swim Skills, Island, Provincial & National swim group will provide the FIRST down payment for the amount allocated by group. 

Groups, Volunteer Points, and Volunteer Commitment Fees are as follows:

  • Swim Skills 1                                                             20 Points                 2 x $150
  • Swim Skills 2                                                             30 Points                 2 x $150
  • Junior Island & Senior Island                                    40 Points                 2 x $175
  • Junior Provincial & Senior Provincial                        45 Points                 2 x $200    
  • Junior National & Senior National                             45 Points                 2 x $200

This volunteer commitment fee MUST be received before your swimmer’s first day of practice as part of the registration requirements. On March 1st, we require the 2nd volunteer commitment fee as shown in the chart above If at least half of the points required for your child’s training group have been verified, claimed, and reported by you by February 28th, we will not be requiring the 2nd volunteer commitment fee as we will continue to hold the first one provided til the end of June. If the rest of the points required for the year have been verified, claimed, and reported by you between March 1st and June 30th, we will credit your account for the volunteer commitment fees/levy provided. See NRST Volunteer Policy for further info.

• I agree that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above-listed participant.
• I agree to pay all training and Swim BC membership fees as described for my child's swim program. I understand that swim meet, equipment, and team uniform costs are in addition to these fees

*  I acknowledge that fees are payable regardless of how many scheduled workouts my swimmer is able to attend.  There are no make-up days offered. For medical absences of 2 weeks or more, a credit to the account can be requested with the provision of a medical note to the office administration.
• I acknowledge that membership application is not guaranteed and swimmers are not able to enter the water until FULL payment (Swim BC membership fee, monthly training fees, and first installment of the family volunteer commitment fee), completed application, code of conduct, personal information consent and volunteer forms are received by the office manager.