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Volunteer Terms
Applicable to: Green Blue Yellow Bronze Silver Gold Provincial National Olympic Way 1 Olympic Way 2 Olympic Way 3 Swim Fit Camp S - Week 1 Cancelled) Camp S - Week 2 (Cancelled) Camp S - Week 3 (Cancelled) Camp S - Week 4 (Cancelled) Camp S - Week 5 (Cancelled) Camp S - Week 6

NRST Volunteer Policy (Season 2018 - 2019) Purpose

The NRST Volunteer Policy regulates parent’s participation to ensure a smooth running of swim related activities. NRST hosts two to three swim meets per season along with other social events.  Revenues earned from those events guarantee the financial well-being of the club and strongly support low membership fees.  Active parent participation, knowledge and experience are the most valuable tools at the club’s disposal to set our sporting events apart from other major clubs in the region. Monetary and Point Requirements

At registration each family in the Green to National swim group will provide one retainer cheque for CAD $250.00, post-dated June 30th and made payable to NRST. These cheques will be held in trust and will only be cashed if a family fails to fulfill the allotted volunteer points. In all other cases the cheque will either be destroyed or if instructions received, cashed in and credited to the members account on June, 30th.

The volunteer point requirement is determined by your child’s swim group at registration.  If a family has multiple swimmers the volunteer commitment is calculated according to the swimmer in the highest level swim group at registration. If this swimmer advances to a higher level group during the season the volunteer point commitment will not change.

Vancouver Island Regional Championships (VIR’s)

In a season where NRST is required to host either the Vancouver Island Regional SC or LC Championships, the annual point requirement for each group will increase by five (5) points.

Swim Group

Swim Season Points per Family

Swim Season + VIR's Points per Family




Blue & Yellow



Bronze, Silver & Platinum



Gold, Provincial & National


45 Incentives

NRST offers an incentive in recognition of volunteers who exceed their allotted point requirements in a season.  Families who exceed their volunteer point requirement by 50% or more during a swim season will receive a credit depending on their swim group to their member account on June 30th.

Swim Group

Incentive Points (VIR’s) and Incentive


 8 (10) - $40.00

Blue & Yellow

15 (18) - $60.00

Bronze, Silver & Platinum

18 (20) - $80.00

Gold, Provincial & National

20 (23) - $100.00

The incentive applies only to member families covered by the scope of the volunteer policy who have provided post-dated commitment cheques at the start of the season. Duration of Membership

The duration of a typical swim season is 9 month. The Volunteer point system is based on this duration.

Subsequent Membership:

If a swimmer joins the club after the start of the season, the point requirement will be pro-rated from the time of joining to the end of the season. The value of the post-dated cheque will remain the same.

Early Dismissal:

If a swimmer withdraws from the club before the end of the season, the point requirement will be pro-rated based on duration of membership for the season. The value of the post-dated cheque will remain the same. International Students

International students or swimmers joining the club while on student exchange programs are governed by the directives of this policy. Job Opportunities




Assist with pool setup or takedown


meet/time trial

Meet Manager



Volunteer check-in & heat sheet sales




Chief Timer

Clerk of the Course

Hospitality Coordinator



Stroke & Turn Judges

Chief Finish Judge

Chief Judge Electronics

System 6 console operator trainer




Lane Timers

Hospitality preparers/servers

Hytek recorder & scorer/trainee

System 6 console/trainee



Awards & ribbons



Safety Marshall



Hytek Electronics trainer



Event Co-ordinator



Assist with welcome BBQ or year-end BBQ

Assist with food at Blue & Gold nights or Swim-a-thon

Pizza Cashier

Parent volunteers at fundraisers



Beverage purchaser



Chaperone single day meet



Chaperone overnight multi day meet



Serve on Board of Directors (over 75% attendance)



Serve on committee (non-board members only)



Other opportunities as determined by Board of Directors

Points assigned


Attend AGM



Attend Officials Training Clinics


clinic Job sign-ups, Attendance sheets & Point tracking

Tracking of volunteer points is paperless and done electronically. It is important that volunteers sign in at the start of any meet or event they are participating in.  There will NOT be any other way of confirming your attendance and recorded points. The status of a member’s volunteer account can be checked any time on the NRST website under ‘My Account > $ My Invoice/payments > Service hours’.

Online sign-up procedure:

Please sign up as a volunteer as soon as the job sign-up becomes available. Each position a member wants to volunteer in needs to be ticked and member’s details must be given, e.g. name and contact number.

If a family signs up more than one volunteer per family please state the name of any additional person for the member’s account.

At Swim Meets:

It is each volunteer’s responsibility to sign in at any event the volunteer has signed up for. Please check that the correct name is ticked off at the volunteer check-in table. If multiple people on one account are signed up for volunteering, each person needs to be signed in individually.

At Away Swim Meets:

If the club is required to send officials to any away swim meet an online job sign-up will be made available (VIR’s). Same procedure as above applies.

If a member is unexpectedly helping at an away meet, please send an email within one week to the Volunteer Program Coordinator and state the swim meet and session the member has volunteered in. Points will be granted in line with the clubs volunteer position list.

At Clinics or other Social events:

An attendance sheet will be available for signing in. Official Training & Clinics

Families with swimmers in Green through to Yellow are expected to ensure that one or more family members will be certified in, and volunteer for, a minimum Level I Timer Official.  Families with swimmers in Bronze or above agree to ensure that one or more family members will be certified in, and volunteer for, at least one or more Level II and upwards Officials positions.

The club will ensure clinics are offered at regular intervals to provide sufficient training opportunities to get the required certification as an official. It might be necessary to proceed with further online training, online courses are being offered at https://www.swimming.ca/en/resources/officiating/certification-2/ where also more information for officiating can be found. Board of Director (BoD) Rights

Amendments or exemptions to this policy may be granted in individual cases upon written application to the Board of Directors for consideration.