Handbook - General Club Operations

3.1   Board of Directors
3.2   Staff
3.3   Club and Parent Communications
3.4   Group Attendance
3.5   Group Placement
3.6   Moving between Groups
3.7   Workouts
3.8   Illness
3.9   Concerns or Issues
3.10 Withdrawal from the Team
3.11 Transferring to another Club
3.12 Swim Equipment & Apparel
3.13 Swimmer Expenses


3.1 Board of Directors

Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team is operated by a Board of Directors consisting of an Executive and Directors who are parent volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting in October.  The current year’s Board of Directors is listed on the team’s website.

3.2 Staff

The Board of Directors hires a Head Coach whose duties include coaching the most advanced groups, designing training and meet schedules, overseeing the Assistant Head Coach, hourly coaches, and Olympic Way Instructors as well as implementing the technical program.  Assistant Head Coach, hourly coaches, and Junior Coaches are hired to coach the remaining groups under the direction of the Head Coach.

Office Administrator
The Board of Directors hires an Office Manager, whose duties include attending the deck office during afternoon swimming, maintaining swimmers’ accounts, tracking monthly revenues and expenses to prepare financial statements, NRST and Swim BC annual membership duties as well as general office tasks.  The Office Manager reports to the Treasurer. The full duties of the Office Manager have been updated as of May 2019 with the consultation of a Human Resources consultant. Document on file held by the Office Manager shared with the Head Coach and Executive Members of the Board.

3.3 Club and Parent Communications

Website & Email
NRST uses our website and email as the primary form of direct communication from the club to parents. The Nanaimo Riptides website is updated on a regular basis.  All information regarding meets, holidays, current team news, snow days etc will be listed on the site www.nanaimoriptides.com
We will email if practice is canceled due to weather. If you do not hear from your coach, practice is on, however, we are not responsible if the city does not open the facility.

Upon membership application, all new members receive an email granting access to their own personal member account within the NRST website.  It is essential that you follow the login in steps and verify your email address in order to have continued access to your secure account, as your personal information and your current and historical billing information is available here.  All information will remain strictly confidential and will be used only to communicate and deliver your account balances, invoice details, printing, event and swim meet information, club membership application, Olympic Way lesson scheduling, or other related team activities.  You may change your email address and password anytime you like, but please use the email address that you access most frequently.

This Handbook is a reference to be consulted throughout the year.  If you cannot find the information you need, please contact a Board member who will be happy to answer your question or direct you to someone who can.

Board of Directors Meetings
All parents are encouraged to attend the first half hour of NRST Board of Directors meetings to bring any concerns to the Board of Directors.  Please contact the office manager to have your item put on the agenda at least seven days in advance of the meeting. 

Communicating with the Board of Directors
If you have a concern regarding your swimmer’s account or any other financial or policy matter please communicate with the Board of Directors either by emailing the President or emailing the office manager.  Your written communication must contain the following information:
 ♦     Date, name, and home address with postal code
 ♦     A clear explanation of your concern in either point or paragraph format
Any parent, with seven days prior notice to the office manager or BoD President, can make a presentation directly to the Board of Directors during a meeting.
The Board of Directors has a time set aside for such presentations in its agenda.

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3.4 Group Attendance

Swimming in an upper-level competitive group is a privilege and not a right.  The coaching staff is responsible to help swimmers meet their goals.  Swimmers who are unable to follow the attendance guidelines will be moved to a more appropriate group.
 ♦     Swimmers must maintain minimum attendance requirements in their selected group unless otherwise cleared with their coach before the missed dates.  Exceptions will be made for swimmers who have supporting documents such as medical notes.
 ♦     Swimmers are expected to be at practice and in the water on time.  Three late water entrances will be counted as an absence.
 ♦     Swimmers are expected to be at club functions such as Blue & Gold night, awards banquet etc.  Failure to attend will be counted as an absence.

You are responsible to bring the following to every practice:
 ♦     Appropriate dryland clothing
 ♦     Swim cap and goggles
 ♦     Fins and paddles
 ♦     Water bottle
 ♦     Running shoes
 ♦     Positive attitude

3.5 Group Placement

Team members are assigned to an instructional group under the supervision of a specific coach.  These groups range from Olympic Way programs to competitive and national-level swimmers.  The placement in a group is the decision of the Head Coach.  Factors influencing initial group placement include age, swimming ability, ability to follow instructions, and ability to train at the level of the rest of the group.  Adjustments to placement may be made during the first two weeks of the season or at any time later in the season at the coach’s discretion.

3.6 Moving between Groups

The coaching staff makes all decisions regarding a child’s readiness to move into another group.  Some moves may occur during the season.  Criteria include attendance, attitude, coachability, dedication, ability to train during practices, times swam at meets, age, ability to listen, and the size and composition of the receiving group.  Decisions regarding moves are made on an individual basis for each swimmer.

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3.7 Workouts

A workout will consist of dryland training, deck time, and pool time.  Dryland may take place on the pool deck or at another designated area.  Deck time is about 15 minutes (maybe shorter for younger swimmers).  Dryland and deck time activities are an important part of each workout.  They give the swimmers time to stretch and give the coaches time to talk to the swimmers before they enter the water.  It is essential that swimmers are on time for workouts so they don’t miss important instructions and information.

3.8 Illness

If a swimmer is ill or injured or for some legitimate reason cannot attend several practices, call or e-mail the office manager.  If the illness or injury persists for two weeks or more, a pro-rated portion of the monthly dues will be refunded upon presentation of a medical certificate to the office manager or Treasurer.


3.9 Concerns or Issues

Refer to section 2.3 Communication if you have any swimming-related concerns or issues to resolve.

3.10 Withdrawal from the Team

Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team requires one (1) month's notice in writing to the office manager in the event a swimmer leaves the program prior to the end of the season.  Olympic Way participants who withdraw within the first two weeks of a session will receive a pro-rated refund of the session fee.  There are no refunds for Olympic Way withdrawals after the second week of a session.

Notice may be sent directly to the office manager by email to:   admin@nanaimoriptides.com
It may also be dropped off at the Nanaimo Riptide Swim Team office on the pool deck (near the diving boards) at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre, or left in the secure lock box on the wall outside the office.  Please note that advising your swimmer’s coach does NOT constitute giving notice to the club.

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​​​​​​​3.11 Transferring to another Club

All financial obligations to the Nanaimo Riptides Swim Team must be settled before the office manager is able to approve a transfer to another swim club.  This includes any fee due in lieu of appropriate notice of withdrawal from the team as outlined in 3.10 above.

3.12 Swim Equipment & Apparel

Nanaimo Riptides team swim caps and team t-shirts are required apparel for all swim meets.  Team equipment and apparel can be ordered through our online Pro Shop.  A small stock is kept in the Nanaimo Riptides Swim Team office.  Payment may be made on receipt of your purchase or billed to your swimmer's account.  For personalized items, a deposit may be required in advance.

3.13 Swimmer Expenses

Fee Structure/Monthly Dues
Training fees to finance pool costs and coach salaries for Nanaimo Riptides are based on an annual charge and take into account training breaks at Christmas and in the spring as well as statutory holidays.  The fee depends on the group level of your swimmer and increases as the amount of pool time and coaching time increases.  The annual fee may be paid in ten monthly payments for your convenience.

Olympic Way fees are based on a per-session fee.  The fee depends on the group level of your swimmer.

Please see the Nanaimo Riptides website, Program Info tab for current season fees for Olympic Way programs and Riptides monthly groups.  Fees are payable regardless of how many scheduled workouts your child is able to attend. In cases of chronic illness of 2 weeks or more an application for relief may be made in writing to the Office Manager along with the provision of a medical note.

As a non-profit group the club is unable to carry overdue accounts, so please keep your swimmers account up to date.

Changing days and times of training for all levels of swimming
Make-up days will not be offered if a swimmer is ill or away on a day that they have training. Permanent changes to the confirmed schedule can be requested in writing to the office manager and will be reviewed upon space availability. Additional fees may occur.

Swim BC Membership Fees
Upon NRST annual membership application each swimmer pays an annual membership fee to Swim BC.  These are assessed annually by Swim BC and administered by the office manager.  A portion goes to Swim Natation Canada, the national governing body for our sport.  There are fixed fees for all Olympic Way participants regardless of age.  The fees for competitive swimmers (those swimming in Swim Skills 1 to National) are dependent on the age of the swimmer each season.  Please see the Nanaimo Riptides website, Terms & Conditions tab under Olympic Way programs and Riptides monthly groups for current season Swim BC membership fees.

Swim Meet Fees
When you enter your children in swim meets there are additional meet fees set by the hosting club and published in a meet package prior to the event.  The fees vary by meet and are billed to your swimmer's account periodically throughout the season.

Swimmer Accounts
Each swimmer (or family) has an individual account set up with the club in which fees and other expenses for that particular swimmer or family are recorded. YOUR ACCOUNTS MUST BE KEPT CURRENT.  Itemized statements are emailed monthly.
 ♦     No swimmer shall incur any additional charges on account if their account is not current.
 ♦     Swimmers with accounts that are one month in arrears WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER INTO MEETS.
 ♦     Swimmers with accounts that are two months in arrears WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE IN WORKOUTS.
 ♦     Swimmers may return to both of these activities when their account balance is paid in full.
Using your secure account login within the NRST website you are able to print your own invoices for tax purposes.

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