VPSC Winter Invitational & DST Winter Break Invitational Meet Summary

December 18, 2021

The Riptides took to two different pools this past weekend. Our senior swimmers headed to the VPSC Winter Invitational at UBC on December 10-12, 2021. Our younger swimmers headed down the highway to Duncan for the DST Winter Break Invitational on December 11 &12, 2021. The Riptides put up some amazing swims at both locations. Here are the highlights:

VPSC Winter Invitational

Congratulations to our new Western Qualifiers!

·      River Roos – 200m Free

·      Oliver Orton – 50m Fly

·      Jordan Gage – 50m Fly


Top Performances

Jordan Gage – 6th 50m fly

Devinn Moore – 10th 800m Free

Peter Morch – 5th 200m Free

Griffin Nielsen-Sendey – 10th 50m Free

River Roos – 6th 200m Free, 10th 200m Back, 10th 400m IM, 9th 200m Fly

Cameron Stannard – 2nd 200m Free, 3rd 200m IM, 3rd 100m Free, 4th 50m Free


Boys 200m Medley Relay – 7th - Peter Morch, Oliver Orton, Jordan Gage, Griffin Nielsen-Sendey

Boys 200m Free Relay – 4th – Griffin Nielsen-Sendey, River Roos, Jordan Gage, Peter Morch

Boys 400m Medley Relay – 7th – River Roos, Oliver Orton, Griffin Nielsen-Sendey, Jordan Gage


DST Winter Break Invitational

Congratulations to our new Western Qualifiers!

·      Winona Wang – 50m Free

·      Peyton Pearse – 400m IM


Top 3 Finishes:

Day 1 

Boys 9-10 

Wilmer Wang – 2nd 200m IM, 1st 100m Fly, 1st 50m Back, 2nd 100m Back, 1st 100m Breast, 1st 50m Free

Girls 11-12 

Sylvia de Jong – 3rd 200m IM, 3rd 50m Breast, 2nd 200m Back

Taylor McPherson – 1st 100m Free, 1st 50m Breast, 1st 100m Fly, 1st 100m Back, 1st 50m Fly, 1st 50m Free

Kaylie Webber – 3rd 200m Breast

Kelana Cottrell – 2nd 50m Breast, 1st 200m Breast, 2nd 50m Back, 2nd 100m Back,1st 100m Breast, 1st 400m IM

Boys 11-12 

Cameron Patterson – 2nd 200m IM, 1st 50m Breast, 2nd 200m Back, 3rd 200m Free, 1st 100m Breast, 1st 50m Free

Girls 13-14 

Madeleine Hudon – 3rd 200m IM, 2nd 200m Breast, 2nd 200m Free, 1st 200m Fly

Lauren Baldwin – 3rd 200m Back

Winona Wang – 1st 100m Free, 1st 200m Breast, 2nd 100m Fly, 1st 50m Fly, 1st 50m Free

Moira Minichiello – 3rd 100m Free, 1st 100m Fly, 1st 200m Back, 1st 100m Back, 2nd 50m Free

Rowyn Vincent – 1st 50m Breast, 1st 50m Back, 3rd 100m Back, 3rd Free

Julianna Mceachen – 2nd 200m Back, 3rd 200m Free 

Boys 13-14 

Peyton Pearse – 1st 50m Breast, 1st 100m Fly, 2nd 100m Breast, 1st 400m IM

Girls 15-16 

Sunelle Brink – 1st 100m Free, 1st 100m Fly, 1st 200m Free, 1st 200m Back, 1st 100m Back, 1st 50m Free

Simone Widmeyer – 2nd 100m Free, 1st 200m Breast, 1st 400m Free, 3rd 100m Back, 1st 50m Fly, 1st 100m Breast

Boys 15-16 

Finn Feschuk – 2nd 200m IM, 1st 100m Free, 3rd 100m Fly, 1st 200m Free, 1st 50m Fly


Day 2

Girls 7-8

Lilah Armstrong – 2nd 50m Back

Sophie Stephens – 3rd 50m Back

Girls 9-10

Aryah Miller – 2nd 100m IM

Aaliyah Armstrong – 3rd 50m Back, 2nd 100m Fly 

Brooklynn Flood – 2nd 50m Back, 1st 100m Fly

Rosie White – 2nd 100m Fly, 2nd 100m Breast, 2nd 100m Back, 1st 200m IM

Pheobe Stevenson – 1st 50m Free

Charlotte Christensen – 3rd 50m Fly

Aleah John – 2nd 50m Breast

Boys 9-10

Westley Buhr – 2nd 100m IM, 2nd 50m Fly, 2nd 200m Free

Wesley Jenkin – 2nd 100m Back

Wyatt de Jong – 3rd 100m Back

Girls 11-12

Mathilda Fletcher – 2nd 50m Fly, 2nd 100m Free, 3rd 200m IM

Boys 11-12

Owen Horncastle – 3rd 50m Back

 Noah Lutz – 1st 100m Fly, 2nd 100m Breast, 1st 100m Free, 1st 200m IM

Girls 13-14

Meghan Lutz – 1st 100m Breast, 1st 100m Free, 1st 100m Back, 1st 200m Free

Way to go NRST!