Summer Session Registration

April 26, 2024

We are happy to announce our summer programming schedule. Our Riptides summer swimming sessions are intended for new and/or current swimmers interested in Olympic Way program and Swim Skills 1 & 2 Group

Registration now open.

*The classes have been divided up into 4 different levels. Please check the Program Details for each level before registering. Not sure what level to register your swimmer? Contact with your swimmer's info (eg, age, last swim class completed...)

If your child has taken lessons with another swim program, you can use the Lesson Conversion Chart to place your child into the appropriate stage. Please note that this is a template only. The Summer and Olympic Way lessons cover further skills, and endurance, in addition to the conversion levels.

Coaches will also assess children’s skill levels on the first day of lessons to determine the best class for your child.

****Do not register your swimmer into Level 1 if they do not meet the requirements of being comfortable entering water, are able to fully immerse head underwater, and can work safely in a group structure, listen and take directions from coaches. In order to run our program safely and efficiently we are not able to accommodate swimmers that require one on one attention.

    Summer Session Levels   

   Parks & Rec Swim Kids   



 Level 1

 Levels 1 & 2

 Level 2

 Levels 3,4 & 5 

 Level 3

 Levels 6,7 & 8

 Level 4

 Levels 9 & 10

**Please register for the same level for all the weeks you want your swimmer(s) in and we can move them accordingly if they are assessed for the next level. We cover a lot in each level so it is common to stay in the same level for 2 - 3 times​. We have allocated space for group movements just in case.​ If your swimmer is in the Olympic Way Spring Session please register for their current level.

We will be running our Riptides summer swimming sessions at the Nanaimo Aquatic Centre from Monday to Friday on the following weeks:

July 2nd - 5th (pro-rated for shorter week)

July 8th-12th 

July 15th-19th 

August 19th -23rd

Level 1 & Level 2 classes are 45 minutes daily -  $90 per week - 5 different time slots to choose from

Level 3 & 4 classes are 1 hour daily - $100 per week - 2 different time slots to choose from

Training Schedule (scroll down to Riptides Summer Program)