PCS Christmas Cracker Cancellation

November 16, 2021

Hi NRST Families,

As everyone continues to try and work with the current government Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, swim meets are proving to be extremely difficult to plan and organize. Each facility and municipality have a range of different safety procedures and policies each Club needs to follow in order to run a meet.

Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria have some to the strictest policies in place right now and Pacific Coast Swim club grossly over promised the number of clubs they were able to host. As a result, they have had to reduce the size of the meet and have let nine clubs know that they now don’t have room from them. Unfortunately, NRST is one of the clubs that have been cut from the meet. The NRST staff are currently working with other clubs in the regions to come up with another option for these swimmers who are directly affected by this change. We hope to have this option posted on the website by the end of the week.


Scott Flood

Nanaimo Riptides Swim Team

Head Coach