Riptides New Swim Groups for ages 7 - 9yrs

May 13, 2021

The Riptides are happy to announce that some extra pool space has opened.  This allows us to open two new groups. These new groups are intended for swimmers 7 to 9 years of age,  Both groups will be run out of the main pool.  Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted in deep water in order to register.  

The new groups are Blue & Gold. They will run for a 10 week session. The groups information and descriptions are as follows:

Blue - Three Blue group practices will run once per week on Saturday mornings.  This group is appropriate for swimmers who were previously registered in the Olympic Way level 2 who are now capable of swimming in deep water.  Swimmers will attend the same practice time each week.  

Practice 1 - 8:15-8:50a.m.

Practice 2 - 9:00-9:35a.m.

Practice 3 - 9:45-10:20a.m.

Swimmers must attend a safety assessment to ensure they meet the skill level required to participate.  Please see registration information below.

Blue group will run for 10 weeks starting on Saturday April 24th and finish on June 26th.  The cost of the session is $90.  

Gold - This group is tailored to swimmers who were previously registered in Olympic Way level 3.  Five Gold group practices will run twice per week on Monday and Friday afternoons.  Swimmers will attend the same practice time on both days.  

Practice 1 - 3:15-4:00p.m.

Practice 2 - 4:00-4:45p.m.

Practice 3 - 4:45-5:30p.m.

Practice 4 - 5:30-6:15p.m.

Practice 5 - 6:15-7:00p.m.

Gold group will run for 10 weeks commencing on Monday April 19th, and finishing Monday June 28th. The cost of the session is $230.  

Due to social distancing restrictions our coaches will be coaching from the pool deck.  Parents are unable to enter the facility.  Swimmers must arrive and leave in their suits as there is no access to the changerooms. 

All swimmers will be required to enter and exit through specified points.  Upon entry, all swimmers must fill in the Covid-19 screening log and submit to a temperature check before following the arrows to their designated meeting spot.  Please remember to remove your outside footwear before entering the pool deck.  Parents are requested to wait for their swimmer at the exit point. Please review our Return to Swimming Plan and Illness Policy 




Registration for the Gold group will open Tuesday, April 6th @ 9am.  Registration for the Blue group will open Monday, April 19th @ 9am.

Each Gold and Blue Group swimmer must complete an assessment prior to registration. You can sign up for an assessment by contacting our Assistant Head Coach, Darcy

Please wait until after an email is sent with your swimmer's assessed group level before registering.

In order to register you will need to login to your Riptides account.  Click the program info tab at the top of the page.  Next click the blue ‘explore or register’ button under the Riptides section.  Select the Blue or Gold and then the swimmer(s) you wish to register.  

We are thankful for the opportunity to open more spaces and appreciate the patience of our membership.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Darcy at

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool soon,

NRST Staff